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Marine Security

The presence of experienced security guards is an unassailable benefit to all those in the marine industry. In our extensive history of security provision we have tackled virtually every aspect of marine security, assisting organisations in the commercial, industrial, security, and governmental industry sectors throughout the South West, including Cornwall and Devon.

Ensure your vessel’s security

We work predominantly in-land, at docks, shipping yards and fisheries and inspecting ships that are moored throughout Falmouth and the surrounding region.

When maritime vessels, particularly oil tankers, dock in ports or marinas, hired security patrols play a vital role in preventing hazards such as sparks from cigarettes and lighters. Our security team has the authority,under the Aviation and Maritime Act 1990, to stop and search anybody who may present a threat.

This authority can be of invaluable use to commercial maritime organisations where thorough monitoring of all who are boarding and disembarking from their vessels must be conducted to ensure the safety of all parties, including the British public.

Preparing your vessel and on-board crew

We carry out thorough surveys of marine vessels of all kinds, including cruise ships, military vessels, commercial liners, industrial freighters and oil tankers. This cooperative process between ourselves and your marine experts allows us to provide you with the ultimate protection.

Peace of mind

At Peace of Mind Security, we are aware that being away from the variously populated areas of mainland civilization can make you and your crew feel more vulnerable.

Securing the safety of your crew and your ship is of paramount importance. Not only can a breach of security damage the credibility of your business, it can put lives at risk.

The practical assistance and advice provided by our expert team of security operatives will allow you to concentrate more fully on navigation, on-loading and off loading, maintenance and repair and all that is essential to the running of your marine organisation.

Protection for all marine situations

Our marine security consultation process is tailored to your specific needs and may encompass risk assessment, unarmed security presence, oil asset and equipment audits, loading and off-loading, and emergency extraction solutions.

Our team of operatives will assess the layout and specification of your ship and with the help of management crew, establish the most comprehensive protection in the form of static guarding, patrol or any security measures which may be important.

Protecting your valuables

Further to this, if you have an extensive on-board crew, you are highly likely to be protecting and transporting any number of valuable goods and assets. This often makes security guard hire an absolutely indispensable option.

Based in Falmouth, we provide high quality marine security guard hire and many other services to ship and dockland owners throughout the South West of England, encompassing Cornwall and Devon. We also offer a highly responsive and professional call-out service to mariners in Stithians, Truro, Wendron, Illogan, Penryn, Helston, Redruth, Camborne, Chacewater and Constantine.

To find out more about our highly professional marine security hire service, or to discuss any of your security requirements, contact our experienced team today to arrange a full survey and quotation.